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Do you struggle with organizing your home because you want it to look perfect or feel like you can’t do a good enough job when organizing your home?

Often my clients say they don’t know where to start and they feel overwhelmed, and that is very true, but sometimes what is holding them back from getting started is perfectionism. They have high standards from scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram. Seeing all of the beautiful pictures of organized homes can often make them feel like they will never be able to achieve that look for themselves. This may be true because many people do need the help and guidance of a professional organizer and possible designer, but that is okay. It is okay to reach out for help.

When our standards are too high, we often feel discouraged or feel like a failure. We are not happy, even when there have been major positive changes in regards to our homes getting organized. We feel like what we have accomplished is not enough.

Your home doesn’t have to be perfect, gosh mine isn’t, but instead it can be neat and tidy, functional and a relaxing environment for you to live in. I am far from perfect, and chances are you are not perfect either, and that is okay.

Features of Perfectionism

1. Never satisfied with completed work
2. Unrealistic goals and standards
3. Highly self-critical
4. Self-worth linked to success
5. High level of worry and anxiety
(Gould, 2012)

Follow these tips and you will become less of a perfectionist and happier with yourself and your work.

1. Tell yourself “it doesn’t have to be perfect”
2. Lower your expectations a little – try not to set your goals too high
3. Celebrate the progress you have made and not perfection
4. Learn what should be perfect and what doesn’t have to be (Ex. When you take your car in to get the breaks repaired, they should be done perfect so that there is no chance of having a car accident. However, when asking your 6 year old child to fold his/her laundry, it doesn’t have to be perfect.)

Is there anything you struggle with because you don’t think you will do a good job? Leave us a comment below – we would love to help you so you can succeed in accomplishing your goals.

Until next time,
Kathy xxoo

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