Want to feel peace by having an organized and clutter free home?

The good news is that you don’t have to live in the Ottawa, Ontario area for us to help you get organized. We help clients internationally with our virtual organizing package.

Are you overwhelmed and not sure where to start? We got you covered!

Kitchens! Closets! Offices! Bedrooms! You name it, we can help you organize any area of your home! 

Let us help you!

Kathy McEwan Coach
Organized Closet

Virtual Declutter and Organizing Coaching is perfect for those who:

• Are overwhelmed, don’t know where to start, and would love to have the support and guidance from an expert organizer
• Has trouble following through with the tasks needed to get organized
• Would rather learn the steps to being organized rather than having an organizer do the work for them

• Has some knowledge of technology as the sessions will be offered via Zoom 

• Would rather not spend the higher costs of hiring in-person professional organizers 

Hundreds of Kathy’s clients have had success stories by using her decluttering and organizing method and you can too! Imagine walking into your home and feeling peace. 

Transform One Area Of Your Home – Start now and get one area of your home decluttered and organized!

How would you fee to have a clutter free and organized home that you love?

How would you like to save a ton of money by not buying something you already own, not having to waste food, or have late fees?

Now is the time to get started with Transform One Area of Your Home

This is what is included: 

Questionnaire – Starts with a short questionnaire that will help explain what your struggles are and what changes you would like to see happen. 

Pictures Assessment – You will have the opportunity to email pictures or videos of the area of your home you would like organized and/or decluttered. Kathy will go over the pictures and provide a plan of action to help you declutter and get organized. 

One 30 minute Virtual Coaching Call – The call will take place via Zoom. During the call, we discuss your home organizing goals, your struggles and the steps you can make to get started with your decluttering and home organizing journey. You will become motivated and less stressed knowing exactly the steps you can do to get an area organized.

Picture Assessment #2 – We will schedule a day for you to send me photos after you declutter or organize an area so I can cheer you on. This is not only an awesome way to keep you accountable, but it is a great way for you to celebrate your success. Also, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you have going forward.


Once you have one area organized, you will feel so motivated to keep going, you will want to move into Continued Support 

Continued Support – (This is for members who purchase Transform One Area of Your Home and want continued support)

Virtual coaching calls (up to 20 minutes, trust me that is all you will need): $75 each call – these calls are designed to help you get started on another area of your home or continue with the area you are working on. 

Additional picture assessments: $75 (up to 5 pictures per assessment) – We will schedule a day for you to send me photos after you declutter and/or organize an area so I can cheer you on. You will also have the opportunity for additional support and have any questions answered. 

We accept a limited number of virtual organizing clients, so don’t wait, if you would like to enjoy your home and become organized, then contact Kathy now!