3 Proven Ways to Reach Your Goals

3 Proven Ways to Reach Your Goals! I am going to share a goal of mine and how you too, can reach your goals. Let me start by saying happy 5 year anniversary to me!!! It's hard to believe that it was 5 years ago today that I had a little idea…
mind clutter

Reduce Mind Clutter. Gain Clarity

Do you want to reduce mind clutter and gain clarity? Most of us do at some point. You are thinking about your finances, having to drop off your kids to their sports activities, what to make for supper, how to organize your home, all the…


Increase Productivity And Decrease StressKathy McEwan

Episode 24: Increase Productivity And Decrease Stress

Want to decrease stress and increase productivity? If so, check out my conversation with community curator, speaker and author Katie Jefcoat. We discuss tips on being more productive and the importance of knowing what your priorities are.…