old new habits

7 Tips To Develop Habits That Will Last

    According to a study out of Duke University, 45% of the activities we do in a day are already a habit. Think about when you get up in the morning. Most of us are still waking up but have still managed to put the coffee…
The REAL difference between decluttering and organizingKathy McEwan

You are NOT perfect and that is Okay!

Do you struggle with organizing your home because you want it to look perfect or feel like you can't do a good enough job when organizing your home? Often my clients say they don’t know where to start and they feel overwhelmed, and that…


Episode 73: How to Let Go of PerfectionKathy McEwan (Second Set of Hands)

Episode 73: How to Let Go of Perfection

How to let go of perfection On this weeks episode I am going to be talking about perfectionism. What is perfectionism, where it comes from, the disadvantages of being a perfectionist and how to let go of wanting everything to be perfect. I…