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The Real Cost of Clutter

The Real Cost of Clutter Did you know that there could be a high price to pay when your home is full of clutter? I am not talking about the cost of hiring a professional organizer to help you declutter and organize your home, although hiring…


Episode 77 Surprising Statistics on the Effects of ClutterSecond Set of Hands (Kathy McEwan)

Episode 77: Surprising Statistics on the Effects of Clutter

On this episode we are talking about surprising clutter statistics and how clutter affects all of us. It is all about the numbers and I love numbers. You are going to be blown away by these statistics! The categories we are covering are…
Organizing your FinancesKathy McEwan

Episode 05: Organize Your Finances With Guest Pamela George

Description Do you have credit problems or want to organize your finances so you will have the money to do the things you love to do? If so, this episode is for you.   We chat with Pamela George, a Financial Literacy and Credit…