old new habits

7 Tips To Develop Habits That Will Last

    According to a study out of Duke University, 45% of the activities we do in a day are already a habit. Think about when you get up in the morning. Most of us are still waking up but have still managed to put the coffee…
old new habits

How To Get Motivated and Stay Motivated

  Get Motivated Getting motivated and staying motivated can be difficult.  Do you ever find yourself inspired to finally clean out the bedroom closet after listening to a home organizing podcast? Many of us have great intentions when…


4 Habits You Need To Stay OrganizedKathy McEwan (Second Set of Hands)

Episode 47: 4 Habits You Need To Stay Organized

Did you know that in order to have an organized home and stay organized it all comes down to habits. Yup it sure does. So what kind of habits should you have? Have a listen as I go into detail exactly what you need to do to stay organized.   About…
How to Get Movitaved & Stay MotivatedKathy McEwan

Episode 38: How to Get Movitaved & Stay Motivated

Get Motivated Stay Motivated Do you ever find yourself inspired to organize your home but lack the motivation to make it happen? In this episode, I'll give you tips on how to get motivated and stay motivated through all the stages of your project. Here…