Episode 79: How to Find the Right Declutter and Home Organizing Course or Program

E79 – How do I know if a home organizing course or program will work for me? That is a question I often get asked so on this week’s episode I am going to cover the difference between a course and program, what to look for when purchasing…
Meg’s Journey to Having an Organized HomeKathy McEwan (Second Set of Hands)

Episode 52: Meg’s Journey to Having an Organized Home

On this week’s episode I have the pleasure of speaking with Meg about her organizing journey. Meg is a momma and works long hours. Her home got messy and things started to really pile up. Learn how she went from having a messy home to having…
Disorganized to organized: Elana's journeyKathy McEwan (Second Set of Hands)

Episode 51: Elana’s Journey from Disorganization to an Organized Home

Episode 51: How a student went from disorganization to organized with the Calm the Clutter course. On this week’s episode I had the privilege to chat with Elana, one of my Calm the Clutter students, about her disorganization to organized …