storing shoes on a shoe rack

Storing shoes is not always an easy task, especially if you are like most women and own a lot of shoes. If you don’t have a good solution for storing your shoes, then check out some of my favourite shoe storage ideas listed here. These solutions are extremely functional and easy to use.

1.This shoe storage cabinet

Is ideal for hiding shoes so they don’t look messy. It holds approximately 36 pairs and is a great piece of furniture. I like how you can add smaller items such as keys and sunglasses in the top drawer. The only negative that I can think of is that it would be better to keep clean shoes in it, so try to clean any muddy or dirty shoes before storing them. You can find shoe storage cabinets similar to this one at Amazon and Ikea.

Shoe Organizing, Storing shoes
Goods Home Design


2.The hanging over the door shoe organizer

Is perfect for storing shoes. This particular one is hanging on a room divider. You can use this product to store many different items besides shoes. I keep my cleaning supplies in a hanging door organizer. Just about anything goes with this shoe storage product. I love them!

Over the door shoe organizer, Storing shoes
Architecture Art Designs


3.The file/magazine boxes

Are a fun way to store summer sandals or flat shoes. How cute is that?
Shoe Organizer, Storing shoes

4.I think this one is my favourite. I love the idea of having a vanity and a hanging picture between the wall of shoes.

It may take space away from storing additional shoes but it looks amazing. These shelves were purchased at Ikea and were easy to install.
Shoe Organizer, Storing shoes
My Peep Toes

5. Storing shoes in boxes

Is a great way to keep them dust free and from getting squished or crumpled. Clear boxes like the ones below makes it easy to see which shoes are inside each box.
Shoe Organizer, Storing shoes
La Dolce Vita Blog


6. If you don’t like the look of the clear boxes, another alternative is to use non-clear boxes and put pictures of the shoes on the outside of the box.

To keep it looking tidy, use the same style box for each pair of shoes.
Shoe Boxes with pictures
Craft River

As you can see, there are many fun and different ways to organize shoes. The key is to keep them off the floor and have them neat and organized so it saves you time. No more looking through a pile of shoes, and even worse, finding a shoe you want to wear but not being able to find the match. Finding only one shoe can be frustrating!

Which shoe storage solution is your favourite, or do you have an alternative solution for storing your shoes? Leave a comment below and share your ideas. I would love to hear from you.

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