Episode 33: Productivity Tips from a Mama of 10 Children

Show Notes – Episode 33 – Productivity Tips from a Mama of 10 Children!

I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Laura Hernandez founder of mama systems and mother of 10 children about productivity tips. With that many people living under one roof, systems are needed and Laura knows systems!


  • What a typical day is for Laura
  • How to bring order into a home
  • How old children should be when they start doing chores
  • How to get children to do chores
  • How to use automation to free up some of your time
  • And Productivity hacks!

About our Guest – Laura Hernandez

Laura was a mama of 4 children and in 4.5 years she added 6 more children to her family; 3 biological children and 3 adopted children. Three of her children have special needs and they have over 20 appointments weekly. On top of that, Laura also home schools 5 of her children.

So how does she manage? Laura had to learn how to be productive and create systems for her family and that is where Mamasystems was born. Now Laura saves other Mamas time and brings more peace into their homes by coaching them through ideas, schedules, incentives, chores and delegating.

About Kathy McEwan

Kathy McEwan has a Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in Sociology, is a Professional Organizer, Productivity Expert and Senior Move Manager (cSMM). Kathy is the Chair of the Professional Organizers of Canada – Ottawa Chapter and has several certificates from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization, including Time Management and Productivity, Chronic Disorganization and Basics of ADD. Kathy believes in continual education and is currently taking additional courses in time management, productivity and home and office organizing.

Kathy continues to provide virtual organizing, strategy sessions, speaking engagements and workshops. To contact Kathy, click Here.


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