Episode 18: Multi-tasking is a Myth and here’s why!

Multi-tasking is a Myth and here’s why!  

Do you multitask? Most of us do but is it a good idea? Do you think you are more productive when you multitask? If so, I beg to differ and I will explain why. In this episode I will be discussing why we multitask, the problems with multitasking, how you can learn to minimize distractions, and how to manage when we do get distracted. I will also give a couple of productivity tips as well. 

About Kathy McEwan 

Kathy McEwan, BA. Sociology, is a Certified Professional Organizer and CEO of Second Set of Hands, a home and office organizing business located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She started her business as a solopreneur and now has an amazing team of organizers who help busy professionals, and/or those who struggle with having too much clutter. Kathy also loves working with clients who are moving and need help with getting their home ready for sale, packing and unpacking. Her passion is to help those who are feeling overwhelmed, become less stressed, more productive and have a more simplified life.  


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