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Episode 38: How to Get Movitaved & Stay Motivated

Get Motivated Stay Motivated

Do you ever find yourself inspired to organize your home but lack the motivation to make it happen? In this episode, I’ll give you tips on how to get motivated and stay motivated through all the stages of your project.

Here are a few points that I’ll cover:

  • I’ll talk about the importance of knowing your why. Understanding why you want to start a project is key when you begin to lose interest or feel overwhelmed.
  • I’ll talk about how to break down larger tasks into smaller more manageable tasks and how this is important to help keep us moving forward.
  • I’ll talk about planning and scheduling your project vs jumping in, head first; and how a little bit of planning can keep you motivated.
  • And we’ll dive into celebrating your wins; not just at the finish line, but all the way through the project.

Motivation can be fickle. It’s important to figure out what feelings and emotions you have tied to this project and document them somewhere and so you can come back to them and trigger those feelings and emotions to get you back on track. We want to make things as easy as possible to complete. Our beautiful big brains don’t like to feel overwhelmed and, the first thing it will do when we feel like we’re in over our heads, is tell us to stop. But we know that the biggest payoff for us is when we finish what we started.

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