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Episode 23: Estate Planning – How to Get Your Affairs in Order and Organized


Being organized does not always mean having an organized home. There are many areas of your life that you can get organized, including Estate Planning. This episode covers everything you need to know when it comes to wills and estate planning. I chat with Wills and Estate lawyer Erin McNamara and she answers many of my burning questions, including:  

  1. If a person dies and has joint ownership of assets (ex. car, house), does the assets automatically get passed on to the person who had joint ownership?   
  2. Can you explain how a living trust works and the importance of having one? 
  3. What is the process of getting a Will done?  
  4. What is the difference between an executor, beneficiary and a power of attorney?  
  5. What happens when someone dies and does not have a will? 
  6. What is the difference from having a will done on-line vs an estate lawyer? 
  7. Do wills expire?  
  8. Plus more!  

Have a listen to this very important episode so that you can have your affairs in order and organized!  

About our Guest – Erin McNamara 

A graduate of Queen’s Law, Erin McNamara is the Principal of McNamara Law, a legal practice with a focus on estate law, including the preparation of wills, powers of attorney, testamentary trusts including Henson Trusts, and probate applications. All of her services are 100% mobile.    

Erin is also a sessional professor at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law, where she teaches Wills and the Law of Succession. In recent years, Erin has co-authored legal papers and has been a speaker at the annual East Region Solicitors Conference. As well, Erin regularly presents legal topics at speaking engagements, and provides estate planning seminars to a variety of groups including clients, non-profit groups, lawyers and other professionals.  

Erin has served on the Board of Directors for REACH Canada, a non-profit organization that benefits persons with disabilities in Ottawa and continues to be involved with their community initiatives.  

In her spare time, Erin enjoys performing in interactive mystery theatre with Murder Mystery Ottawa.          



  • Erin McNamara www.McNamaraLawServices.com 
  • Erin on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/McNamara-Law-709821109201023/?eid=ARDQGJKiwFpFsPj1fWwUZ7UPrwzpEsPpKGKcdUb0_CRjusSftgrLPnq0obkpEEqYzT9D8tNb_x8oKJSt 

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