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Episode 04: Marie Kondo Method vs Kathy McEwan Method
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Episode # 4 Marie Kondo Method vs Kathy McEwan Method 

There has been a lot of hype around the new show with Marie Kondo called “Tidying up”, and because of it, I am getting a ton of people asking me what I think of her method of getting organized. In this episode I explain how my method is similar to Marie’s but also so very different.  

Marie Kondo has 6 basic principles when tidying up.  

– Commit yourself to tidying up.  
– Imagine Your Ideal Lifestyle  
– Finish Discarding  
– Tidy by category not location.  
– Follow the right order 
– Ask yourself if it Sparks Joy 

I go through each of these basic principles and explain which ones I use and which ones I don’t. I also discuss why her method would work for some of our clients but not all.  

I also discuss sparking joy and provide other questions you can ask yourself when it comes to making decisions on what to keep and what not to. These additional questions will help you when you are making those important decisions.  You won’t want to miss those questions!  


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