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The Organizing for Success Podcast, is hosted by Kathy McEwan, CPO and Second Set of Hands CEO. Kathy is a Certified Professional Organizer, and owner of a professional home and office organizing business, and her goal is to help as many people as she can go from feeling overwhelmed to being organized. Kathy interviews experts in various fields which will help you become more organized in all area s of your life.

How to Become More Organized In 20 Minutes or LessKathy McEwan

Episode 32: How to Become More Organized In 20 Minutes or Less

Show Notes Home organizing that can be done in 20 minutes or less? Wait?? What?? Is that possible? Yes it sure is and I will be explaining how. I will be discussing 12 different tasks that you can do in 20 minutes or less, and will be giving…
10 Great Tips to Help You Remember Your TasksKathy McEwan

Episode 31: 10 Great Tips to Help You Remember Your Tasks

Do you sometimes forget to do your tasks? We all get busy and forgetting important tasks or important dates can be really challenging to our overall success.  Not to mention how overwhelming we can feel when we don’t complete a task or project…
7 Important Home Organizing Questions AnsweredKathy McEwan

Episode 30: 7 Important Home Organizing Questions Answered

In this episode I answer some really important questions that were asked by community members in our Facebook group Organize for Success. If you have clutter, there is a good chance you will want to know the answers to these questions as well.…
Being Organize Can Change Your LifeKathy McEwan

Episode 29: How Being Organize Can Change Your Life

Having an organized home is life changing. It really is! If you have a lot of clutter than this episode is for you. On this episode I provide 7 top ways being organized is life changing. I also provide examples of what clients have said after…
7 Ways to Increase Productivity in a CrisisKathy McEwan

Episode 28: 7 Ways To Increase Productivity In A Crisis

Life in general can be stressful at times which can lower our productivity level but add a crisis in the mix and it is even harder to get everything you want done. Do you wish you had more time to do the things you love to do? Are you finding…
An Interview With Dr. Robin Zasio, Psy.D., LCSWKathy McEwan

Episode 27: An Interview With Dr. Robin Zasio, Psy.D., LCSW

Wow! I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Dr. Robin Zasio from the hit show “Hoarders”. This episode is jam packed with tons of information. We discuss:  Dr. Robin Zasio’s background in Psychology and Social Work …
Home Organizing Isn’t About Tidying Up and Here’s WhyKathy McEwan

Episode 26: Home Organizing is Not About Tidying Up and Here is Why!

Home Organizing Isn’t About Tidying Up and Here’s Why Did you know that home organizing isn’t really about tidying up? Sure, you have to tidy up in order to have an organized home. That’s very true! But that is not really what…
Home Organizing During Covid-19Kathy McEwan

Episode 25: Home Organizing During Covid-19

Home Organizing During Covid-19  The Coronavirus has taken a real toll on our society and I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe. I am thinking about all of you during this difficult time.    Now more than ever is a good time…
Increase Productivity And Decrease StressKathy McEwan

Episode 24: Increase Productivity And Decrease Stress

Show Notes   Want to be more productive and less stressed? If so, check out my conversation with community curator, speaker and author Katie Jefcoat. We discuss tips on being more productive and the importance of knowing what your priorities…
Estate PlanningKathy McEwan

Episode 23: Estate Planning – How to Get Your Affairs in Order and Organized

Description Being organized does not always mean having an organized home. There are many areas of your life that you can get organized, including Estate Planning. This episode covers everything you need to know when it comes to wills and…
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