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Bedroom Closet Organizing, The Right Way!

Does your closet overwhelm you when you walk into it?

Do you have a hard time finding your items?

Do you wear the same clothes over and over again even though your closet is full of clothes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to consider a closet makeover. Trust me, when your closet is all organized, you are going to feel like a new person.

Imagine walking into your closet and saying “I love my closet. Look how organized it is”. Also, imagine being able to grab what you want to wear in seconds.


Having an organized closet is possible. Here’s how:

1. Start small 

If you feel overwhelmed with the amount of clutter, focus on one small area first, and when it is complete, move on to another area. Ex. A corner, a top shelf, or the floor. Once you have that one small area decluttered, you will see results and want to keep going.

2. Letting go 

So how do you make the decision of what to keep and what not to? Go through your purses, belts, scarfs, tops, blouses, pants, skirts, ties etc., and if you haven’t wore them or used them in over a year, then it is best to let them go. If the items are not ripped, stained or broken, then donate them to your favorite charity. Make sure to put the items to be donated right into your car, or at your front door and drop them off within a day or two. Sooner they are gone the better. Same goes if you want to sell your items on consignment. Take the items to a consignment store within a day or two.

3. Time to organize 

You have removed all items that you no longer want or need, and you are left with only the items you want to keep. Now the fun begins. It is time to organize:

a. Hangers 

Use the same type of hangers throughout your closet. I love the look of wooden hangers, but they do take up a lot of room. They are perfect for someone who does not have a lot of clothes, or has a big closet. Otherwise, slim black felt hangers are ideal. The exception to the rule are hangers designed for certain categories. Ex. Pant or skirt hangers.

b. Hang by category and then colour 

When hanging skirts, pants, blouses etc., start by category and then by colour. Ex. Hang all your short sleeved blouses together and then put all the same coloured short sleeved blouses together.

c. Shoes 

There are many different shoe storage solutions, depending on how many shoes you have. If you would like to see a variety of ways to store your shoes, check out my blog on “Storing Shoes, 7 Clever Ways”

d. Purses 

Purses are like shoes. We often have too many of them. Go through your purses (and shoes for that matter) and see if any of them are torn, worn out, or you haven’t used in a year. Keep only the ones that you really like and are likely to use. Organize the purses by colour and then by size. Having them in this order will make it much easier for you to find the purse you are looking for. Over the door or hanging purse racks are options for storing purses, but keep weight in mind. Hanging a bunch of purses can get very heavy and bend the closet rod, break the purse rack or if the purse rack has velco closings, it may just fall down from the weight. Organizing purses on shelves is best.

e. Ties/Belts 

There are quite a few tie/belt organizers that can be purchased at Home Depot, Walmart, etc. and do not cost a lot of money. You can get ones that hang on a hanger, slide out with hooks to hang ties or belts, or another solution, over the door organizers for men which have a section for hanging ties. Here is an example of an over the rod hanging tie/belt organizer which can be found at

Over the door tie and belt rackAmazon

f. Jewelry 

The trick with jewelery is to make sure they are neat and are easily accessible. Keep necklaces from being tangled by hanging them either in a jewelery armoire (my favourite choice), over the door jewelery organizer, a hanging jewelry organizer or a jewelry tree. Rings and ear rings can be stored in jewelry trays or also in an armoire. I will be writing a more detailed blog on jewelry organizin soon so check back again.

Jewelry TreeBed Bath and Beyond

g. Odds and Ends 

If you have odds and ends in your closet, you are not alone. Organize them in categories and store them in clear plastic containers with labels or baskets with hanging labels.

Here is an example of an organized closet that I love. All wooden hangers, purses lined up on shelf, identical storage baskets with labels and clothes hung in categories. Would you like to have a closet like this one? Do you have any closet organizing tips you would like to share? If so, I would love to hear your tips.


Happy organizing,
Kathy McEwan


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