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Do you have an old tv armoire that you don’t use anymore and are thinking of selling it or giving it away? If so, after reading this blog you may want to reconsider. Organize your home with old old tv armoires into a functional space! We’ve gathered a few of our favourites to share with you!

If you do not have a tv armoire, and would like one, you may want to check out your local consignment shop or do a quick search on Kijiji. Armoires are often being dropped off at consignment stores or sold online, and have been, ever since the introduction of flat screen televisions.

Check out the following 6 amazing transformations of tv armoires!



Armoire turned Linen Cabinet

This Linen Closet is Fresh and Clean! Love it!
via confessions of a serial diyer


Armoire Craft Station

Store crafts in this old tv armoire! Close the doors to keep it looking clean and tidy!
Photo: Liz Marie Galvan

.Armoire turned Office

This office is fun and stylish! Love the addition of wallpaper!
via bhg.com
Armoire Change Table

TV armoire transformed into a change table!
via hometalk.com


Armoire turned into a bar.

This bar is classy and functional! Add a wine rack shelf, and stemware hangers!
via bobvila.com


Armoire turned kids storage

This kids area is practical and unique! The chalkboards on the doors adds character and kids love it!
via bobvila.com

These are just a few ideas of how you can refurbish your tv armoires into organized, functioning spaces. If you don’t have a kitchen pantry, you can always use your tv armoire for added kitchen storage. Or you can use a tv armoire as a clothes wardrobe. Add a pole and hang clothes. Use the drawers for clothes, belts, scarves and jewelry.


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