Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Stuck on Mother’s Day gift ideas?

A week today will be Mother’s Day, and many of us are undecided as to what special gift to give our Mothers. Mother’s day is a celebration to all Mother’s to say thank you for all that you have done and for being that special person that we could always turn to anytime we needed advice, wisdom or a shoulder to lean on. So what do you get your Mother this year for Mother’s day? Although flowers are always nice, here are a few unique ideas that you can do for you Mother on Mother’s Day!

1. Second Set of Hands gift certificate

I couldn’t go without mentioning that Second Set of Hands provides gift certificates. Let your mother decide which service she would like, whether it is virtual assistance, home or office organization, errand running, personal shopping, downsizing assistance, etc. We rarely say no to a request, so whatever you mother wants, we will be more than happy to help her in any way we can!

2. Scrapbooking

Create a Scrapbook. What a wonderful way to have a keepsake picture made into a beautiful piece of art. You can purchase scrapbooking materials at local craft stores or some of the big box stores. You can also use websites like Shutterfly or Moleskin to create your book.

3. Family Tree

Surprise you Mother with a family tree. This may be more time consuming but if you have the time, what a wonderful way to have your mother reminisce about her family. Try to get old photos of as many family members as you can and put the photos where the names are. It will turn out to be quite a masterpiece and a conversational piece at the same time.

4. Sweets

Saying Happy Mother’s Day with a special cake, cupcakes or cookies are always a nice treat. Besides going to your local grocery store, you can always try something new and exciting by special ordering from one of your local bakeries. Sweet Clementine’s is one of Ottawa’s finest bakeries that specialize in custom order sweets for events and occasions. You can check out their Facebook page for more pictures of their amazing treats!

5. Just Ask!

Don’t be afraid to ask your mother what she would like, or what she would like to do for Mother’s day. You may be surprised by her request. Some mothers may want to go to the spa, or out to lunch while other may just want to go for a walk, or drive by their old neighbourhood where they once grew up. It is her day, so make it special!

I hope all you Moms have a wonderful Mother’s Day! If any of you want to share what your plans are for that day, or what you ended up doing, please feel free. I would love to hear from you!

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