showcasing a minimalist lifestyle

When most people think of minimalism, they think of owning as few things as possible.

But what’s the real impact of having less in your home and your life?



Adopting a more minimalist lifestyle can keep dollars in your wallet! Not only do you save money because you’re buying less, but it also has a trickle down effect; having less stuff, means saving money on insurance, saving money on repairs and upkeep etc.

However, it does require that certain habits be in place. Here are some tips to help you change the way you deal with your finances.

  • Shop quality, not quantity
    • Focus on non-trendy clothes that won’t go out of style, are made well and will last for years because of the quality of the fabric and the craftmanship.
    • Beware of the “good deal” pull.
  • Be more intentional about your purchases. Ask yourself “What are you giving up in exchange for this?” An example of this is: how many hours do you have to work in order to purchase this item.
  • Appreciate what you have before purchasing
    • Keep a gratitude journal- and yes, it’s OK to be grateful for your things. That’s how you know you’re keeping the right item. Be careful here, you want to be grateful, but you also want to make sure it serves a purpose in your home/life.
  • Know what you have before purchasing
    • Know what’s in your fridge, closets, pantry, storage before purchasing anything else.
  • Audit your spending frequently
    • Get rid of unnecessary expenses; memberships, subscriptions etc. Ask yourself if you’re using them and if they add value.
    • Are you living within your means?
    • Use a budget tracking sheet to see exactly where you’re spending your money
  • Sell your used items (only do this if it doesn’t cause you a lot of stress- if it does- donate)
  • Prioritize saving
    • Prioritize paying you first. This doesn’t mean buying yourself something, it means putting money aside immediately when you get paid.
  • Set your own standard of living instead of comparing or trying to keep up with others.



If you follow the advice above and change your spending habits, you’ll start to see your bank account increase and financial stress decrease.

Other ways that minimalist lifestyle can minimize stress

  • Reducing clutter. Decluttering your home helps calm your eyes and therefore the mind. Too much visual clutter causes mind clutter. It will also give you more time- less time spent picking up and cleaning up.
  • Consider decluttering your relationships and your calendar.
  • Your home will be easier to clean because there is less stuff and less stuff means less dust. (If you’re allergic to dust- less allergies)
  • Minimalism will allow you to be more productive. Less clutter means better focus with less distractions.
  • In the long term, you have less to lose, less to let go of and life becomes easier because it’s easier to find things.

Not only will reducing clutter in all areas of your life help you focus and get more done, but it will help you prioritize who and what’s important.



Minimalism definitely helps reduce stress and can increase the money in your wallet but it also helps to open up space for more opportunities to bring more value to your life.

How do you add more value to your life than the things in it?

  • Value experiences more than things. (they don’t have to be expensive experiences)
    • Spend time with loved ones more often.
    • Connect with people you’ve been wanting to connect with but didn’t have the time for before you started to minimize your calendar.
    • Volunteer
    • Stay present
    • Go to the theatre
  • Consider creating a personal vision for yourself that doesn’t include things and how the money you’re going to save can help you achieve it.
    • More travel
    • The career you want vs what you have to take because you’ve put yourself into too much debt.


For most people following these guidelines for a minimalist lifestyle will help them improve their finances. With improved finances comes more opportunity to create experiences. And experiences create memories.

Great memories create a fulfilled life.



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