Here are 7 ways being organized can change your life!

1. More time to do the things you love to do:

When your home is organized, you spend less time looking for things, and less time going out and buying something you already have but cannot find. Also, if you tidy up on a regular basis, you will spend less time putting things away. When your items start to really pile up, you need to find time to get the project done. But if you put things away on a regular basis, it only takes a couple of minutes to get organized.

Therefore, you will have more free time to do something you love to do. Whether it is spending time with family or friends or doing something for yourself. You deserve to have more time to do the things you love to do. Life is short so make the best out of it.

2. Enjoying your home:

If you have a lot of clutter, you are not enjoying your home to the fullest. You may be embarrassed to have friends or family over or if they do come over, you have to run around and try to grab as much stuff as you can and hide it in another room where your company won’t see. You may have less room to walk around and enjoy your home because it is cluttered.

I remember when I was working with a client, he said that his family have been spending time in the basement playing games and watching movies which they hadn’t for the longest time because it stressed his family to go down to the basement because it was too messy.

What areas of your home would you love to enjoy but don’t because it is cluttered?

Do you have a room that you would love to sit in, have a cup of coffee, relax, read a book, listen to music, or have time for yourself to be Zen?

We all need that time for ourselves. But do you have that room that you can go to where you feel stress free? If not, write down the one room you would love to relax in and feel good being in, and make that a goal of yours to make it happen!

Let’s talk about kitchens.

Do you open the cupboard doors or go into your food pantry and love what you see? Does it look pretty and organized, and you can grab what you need within seconds? Or is your food messy, maybe has expired food, have items that have fallen to the back to the cupboard and you can’t remember what is back there? Just something as little as an organized food pantry can make you feel so much better.

3. Your emotional and physical well being:

If your home is in chaos, you will be in chaos. It is not a good feeling. The stress and overwhelming feeling every time you walk into your home and you see clutter. The anxiety. Being stressed can do so much damage to your mind and body. Being less stressed is a life changer. You will feel so much better when you have an organized home. I see the changes in our clients emotions all the time.

Recently a client told me after we organized her front hallway that she felt amazing because it is the first area she sees when she walks into her home. As soon as she opened the door and walked into her home, she used to feel stressed and upset due to the clutter she saw. Now when she walks into her home, she feels awesome because it is organized, spacious and looks beautiful. I always say that being organized is like having a breath of fresh air, so why not walk into your home and have a breath of fresh air?

4. Let go of your past:

I don’t mean to completely let go of your past. I don’t mean to let go of every memorabilia that you have, but if you let some go, and just keep a few smaller items that don’t take up a lot of space, you will create space for something new. Maybe you would like to start a new hobby, but you don’t have the space to do so. Is there something you would like to do but lack space to get started? If you have items that you never use anymore, why not let them all go and create space to start something new. A new beginning.

Btw, if you have way too much stuff, I am not saying to let some things go and then fill the space back up again. Instead let as much as you can go and bring something new in that you will really love that will not take up all the space that you just created.

5. Enjoy memories:

This is kind of the opposite of letting go of your past. There are times when you declutter, that you will find things from your past that you have not seen in a long time. This happens at every organizing session we have with clients. They always find something they really like but thought they had lost it, or they haven’t been able to find it for a long time. It always brings a smile to their faces when they find something that is important to them but has been missing.

6. Cleanliness:

One of the problems I see with clients who have a lot of clutter is that it is extremely difficult for them to clean their home due to the amount of clutter. Even cleaning companies often will often not come in and clean unless the home has less clutter. Therefore, the longer the home has too much clutter, the longer the home goes without being cleaned. Dust and grime start to really pile up. It is not a great feeling living in a dirty home.

7. Finances:

If you follow me, you have heard me talk about this before.

Examples of possible money loss:
A. Spending money on items that you already owned but could not find
B. Buying more than you need because they were on sale
C. Dealing with late fees because you forgot to pay something
D. Not keeping an eye on your financial assets

So ask yourself how would having more money change your life?

How would knowing exactly what you owe and the amount of money you bring in, and the profit you make each month make you feel? How would being organized and having a financial plan change your life?

So what can you do to get more organized? How can being more organized change your life? Think about it, write it down and make it happen.

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