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7 Back to School Organizing Tips Your Child Should Know

Fall is here, let the back to school organizing begin! September is going to be here before you know it and the kids will be heading back to school. Start this school year off right by being organized. Here are a few back to school organizing tips to help you get organized this school year.

1. Plan ahead of time what your child will be wearing to school 

Take a few minutes and put together your children’s clothes for each school day of the week. It will be easy for your child to just grab them and get dressed and hopefully there will be no fighting over what to wear.


2. Mini Homework station 

Keep homework supplies handy and in the same spot as where your child does homework. Have your child get into the habit of doing homework in the same spot each day.


3. Private Homework station 

Speaking of homework stations, having a decorative tri-fold home work station set up for privacy will prevent your child from being distracted. You can make it fun by having your child decorate it the way he/she wants.


4. over the door pockets for school supplies 

If you have a lot of school supplies and have limited space, I love the idea of using an over the door pocket hanger to store them. It keeps the school supplies neat and tidy as well as easily accessible.


5. An organized file box 

Keep your children’s art and school work in a hanging file folder box divided by each school year. Also, attach a copy of your child’s school picture for each year to the art and school work folder.

back to school organizing- filing with school pictures filed

6. An organized binder pouch 

Keep school supplies handy and organized by using a binder pouch. They slide easily into a binder and keep all your supplies in one place.

Back to school organizing tips- pencil case with highlighter, scissors, pencils

7. Use a planner 

I can’t emphasise enough how important planners are and I am always surprised on how many of my clients do not use one. Start introducing your child to a planner so he/she can become more organized and less stressed in school. If their school does not provide one, pick one up at your local office supplies store.

Back to school organizing tips- books with writing on them

I hope these tips will help your child become more organized for the school year. Let me know if you will use any of these tips or if you have tips of your own you would like to share. I would love to hear them.

All the best,
Kathy xxoo

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