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It’s important to determine what purpose the bedroom will serve before you begin organizing.

A bedroom can be many things, including a home office, a room to relax and watch TV, a place to read, or it can be solely a place for sleep.

If it needs to be something more than just a place to sleep, you can organize your bedroom in zones such as:

  • A reading nook
  • Home office
  • Changing station with a vanity where you dress, undress and get ready for the day.

When creating zones in a bedroom, you want to ensure that it’s a functional space by keeping items used in that area close and easy to reach. We go further into detail about zoning a bedroom in this podcast: How to zone your home for better organization.


Once you’ve decided what the room’s layout will be, you can begin by first decluttering. Empty all of your drawers and any other areas in the bedroom that have become cluttered. Depending on the size and amount of stuff in your closet, I recommend leaving the closet as a separate step.

Once everything is laid out, sort the items and begin organizing the room

Below are some tips to get you started.


1.Storage under your bed- What should you store under your bed? P.S. Don’t forget that they are under there 🙂

  • Seasonal clothes
  • Shoes
  • Books
  • Linens- that you would occasionally use for guests etc.
  • Luggage- storing luggage has a bonus when you’re not using the luggage, store sweaters or jackets or any other seasonal clothing.

What not to store under your bed

  • Loose items- Always try to store your items in boxes or containers with lids.
  • Empty luggage
  • Frequently used items- Don’t store everyday clothes under the bed or linens that you are changing out weekly.
  • Containers that can scratch your floor if you have hardwood floors

2. Select a nightstand with a drawer

Nightstands can serve a dual purpose if they have a drawer. The top of the nightstand can house the alarm clock, a lamp and a glass of water. Better yet, get a slim floor lamp to free up space. Keep items that you’re frequently using in the drawer like the book you’re reading, reading glasses, and your cell phone. A drawer will help keep the top of your nightstand from becoming cluttered. It also might be an excellent place to keep a small bowl for loose change.


flowers and book on wooden end table with drawer

3. Use a hamper or a specific place for dirty clothes

Just like other “stuff” in your home, if you don’t have a place to put it, it just ends up becoming clutter. Having a place to put your dirty laundry keeps it from landing on the floor of your bedroom, shoved in a closet or draped over the bed or chair.

4. Baskets for throw pillows and extra blankets

You might think, “doesn’t a basket just take up more space” Yes, it does, but if you have no place to put your pillows or comforter, it will end up on the floor. Ideally, the closet is the best place for this basket, but if you don’t have the room, it can be placed under a desk, or if it has a lid, it can be used as a decorative piece of furniture.


basket with extra blankets for storage

5. Use hooks for frequently used items

Hooks on the back of a bedroom door are the perfect place for housecoats, bags and purses. Plus, it’s a bonus when you don’t have to take up space in your closet.

6. Use shelving above the bed in place of a headboard

Instead of taking up space on your nightstand for family pictures, you can create a space on your wall. Use shelves for important photos, art, books, candles and items you’ve collected while travelling.

7. Double Duty your furniture

Have an ottoman at the base of your bed that doubles as storage for linens or extra blankets.

8. Overhaul your closet

  • declutter
  • make sure everything has a home
  • you can access all of your clothing with ease.

well organized bedroom closet


Whether you use your bedroom for work or as an escape it’s primarily use is for sleep. A place where you can go to shut out the world. Your bedroom is where your body rejuvenates and repairs itself. If you’re bedroom is in disarray or cluttered, it can affect how you function in the world; it can affect your athleticism, your mental state, your health and your productivity. So it’s important to maintain a certain level of organization so you can be the best version of yourself for you and your loved ones.



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