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8 Tips for Time Management in the Workplace

Minimize distractions

Do you check your email and go onto social media often throughout the day? What about every time you hear a “bing” on your phone, computer, IPad etc., do you quickly check to see what it is? If so, this could be causing a major interruption in your concentration level and work production. Instead schedule time in your day for checking emails and social media. Perhaps once in the morning, lunch time/afternoon and end of your day.

Start your day by doing an important and productive task

Get one important task done at the beginning of your day. You can get tired later in the day or get busy doing other things that don’t relate to work if you don’t start your day by doing a major task first.

Don’t multi-task

In today’s society we are encouraged to multi-task but whenever possible try to finish one task before going on to another. I know this is hard, especially if you have a boss giving you many tasks to do at one time, but it is proven that multi-tasking causes mistakes to happen and you will be more productive if you put all your attention in one task and complete it before going onto another one.

Confirm Appointments

If you have booked your appointments far in advance, it is best to reach out and confirm your appointments. Nothing worse than battling traffic only to get there and find out the person whom you are meeting has forgotten.

Leave the house, shut the door or use a divider

If you work from home and find you are not getting enough work done, shut your office door to let family members know you are busy, (but don’t forget to open it now and then lol) or leave the house and go to a quiet location. You can try your local coffee shop or try a shared rental office space. Being away from home can mean being more productive! If you work outside your home in a cubicle setting and find staff members coming up and talking to you, ask your manager if you can have a portable divider set up outside your desk area. That will let others know you do not want to be interrupted and will be a reminder for your colleagues to keep their conversations down.

Everything has its place

Whether a staff member has handed something to you to do, or you have come across something you have not done yet, everything should have a home. Don’t let things pile up. Schedule time in your day to file what needs to be filed, have a pending tray or file for items that need to be actioned, make sure supplies are put away etc.

Plan your day the day before

I am not sure why more people don’t do this tip because it really will help you be more productive and save you time! At the end of the day, take 5 minutes to look at your calendar the night before and write down the times of your appointments or meetings. Then write down a few key tasks you would like to accomplish the following day and schedule them around your appointments/meetings. Leave room in your schedule for other tasks that you will end up wanting to do once you are up and at it.

Tidy your desk before leaving!

Whether you work from home or away from home, take a few minutes each day and tidy up your desk at the end of the day. This includes files, pens, stapler, calculator, etc.) If your desk is tidy, you will find your items much faster and be more productive!

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