Tenn bedroom organizing. Pink and orange teenager bedrrom decor
8 Teen Bedroom Organizing Hacks You Will Love

I have been organizing quite a few teen bedrooms lately and wanted to share some ideas that may help you with your teen bedrooms. Teaching your teens to pick up after themselves, clean and organize their rooms will be a different blog all together, but these ideas will help clear the clutter and create great looking bedrooms.

1. Utilize under the bed storage

This simple and stylish bed frame takes advantage of otherwise unused space by creating storage under the bed. If your bedframe does not come with built in storage simply slide labeled bins under the bed to store out of season clothes, old school projects, books etc.


Vito Storage Queen Platform Bed

Via Houzz


2. Install closet organizers

Take advantage of every inch of your teen’s closet by installing closet organizers. Your teen will now have a place to store staple items that usually find themselves in random places or on the floor. Their shoes, bags, belts, and hats now all have their own designated storage area. The closet organizer also allows your teen to separate their clothes by style or type, making putting their laundry away and picking out outfits a lot easier and a lot quicker.

Via Ana-White

3. Hanging Shelves

Hang shelves where your teen can display their trophies, achievements, pictures, and other special moments. This will reduce the clutter on their dresser and desk tops creating an overall cleaner and more organized look.


4. Drawer Organizers

Inserting drawer dividers into your teen’s dresser will help turn clothing chaos into simple and clean organization. The drawer organizers will help keep clothing nicely folded and categorized making it quick and easy for your teen to find what they are looking for.

Via Divine Style
Also good for belts and other small items.

Via Amazon.com/Ikea

5. Desk with drawers

Give your teen their own personal quiet space to do homework, study, or simply get creative by adding a desk into their bedroom. A desk with lots of storage space is ideal as it will give your teen a place to store their school books, stationery items, or makeup and avoid cluttering the top of their work space.

Via Rhteen

6. Laundry baskets

Provide your teen with a dual sectioned laundry basket. It not only keeps clothes off the floor but also makes doing laundry simple and organized. Whether they are separated by towels and clothes, or lights and darks it makes throwing a load of laundry into the washer that much easier. Keep it simple and keep it organized.

Via Basket Lady

7. Bedside table electronics drawer

Make the best of your bedside table. Create your teens own charging station in the top drawer of their nightstand. This will eliminate the unappealing clutter of cords by hiding them in a drawer. Perfect for storing and charging their everyday electronics such as their phone, tablet, and laptop.

Via How to Decorate

8. Use wall space for your favourite items

Love how they used polygon shape shelving to display favourite items, and having the name in the corner with the strip of orange is an added bonus.

Via Printerinks
Hope you enjoyed these 8 Teen bedroom organizing hacks. Which one did you like best? Do you have any teen bedroom organizing hacks that you would like to share?

Happy organizing,

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