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Trouble maintaining an organized bathroom?

Are you the type of person who walks into the Pharmacy with the intention of picking up one thing and walks out with the latest lipstick or face cream in tow?

Are you tired of wasting time rummaging through bathroom drawers to find what you’re looking for?

If this sounds like you, then your bathroom probably needs some organizing!

First thing you need to do is to get organized:


  • Take everything out of your bathroom cupboards, medicine cabinet, and/or closet; take all the items out from under the sink and remove everything from your bathroom counter and place them on the bathroom floor. If you have items such as linen you may not want to put them directly on your floor, so instead put them on an old sheet, blanket or towels. If you have too many items to put onto your floor, then start with the drawers, then the cupboards etc.

Sort & Dispose

  • Next, you’ll sort them. Put like items with like items (all cleaning supplies together, all toiletries together etc.)
  • Properly dispose of any expired or unused medications (in Canada you can take them to your local pharmacist for proper disposal).
  • Dispose of any other health products and self-care products that have expired.
  • Find duplicates of items you barely use and donate them (if possible).
  • Find barely used products that you know you’ll never use again and dispose of them or donate them. This may seem like you’re wasting product but if it’s just taking up space, it’s better to throw them away and make a note not to purchase that product again in the future.
  • Decide what products you and your family use daily and keep those close by, for example on the bathroom sink.
  • Next, you’ll find a home for all of the products that made it past the decluttering stage.

Here are some tips to help you gain more storage and allow you to better organize your bathroom:

1. Shelving above the toilet

When you don’t have a lot of storage space under your sink or you don’t have a closet in your bathroom, shelving can be the next best thing! It’s a great place to keep extra toilet paper, extra towels or face towels, soaps, Epsom salts, books, scents etc. Don’t be afraid to show your personality with a sign like in the picture below.

Tip: Going up a wall with shelving is one of the best ways to add EXTRA storage to an otherwise small room.



2. Use jars for storage

Do you have cotton balls and Q-tip boxes taking up valuable space in your bathroom drawers? Consider removing them from their packaging and displaying them in clear jars on the bathroom counter (if you have room) or add them to the shelving above the toilet to create a pretty display.

Tip: Get creative here, use the jars from old candles, or a re-use a pretty candy jar.



3. Organize under the sink 

Use clear bins to put “like” products together such as cleaning products. Label the bins to make it even easier to identify what’s in them. For example “hair care products”, Personal Care products” “cleaning products” “summer products”

Tip: if you’re cupboards are deep, consider purchasing pull-out shelves so you can see what’s in behind more easily.


4. Use drawer dividers 

Use these sturdy dividers or pick some up at the dollar store to help keep your bathroom drawers clean and organized. Group like items together the same as you did with the clear bins. Keep nail items together, keep makeup together, brushes together etc. If you find that you have too many items in one category, then break those products down even further. For example have a container for eye shadow, blush in another etc.

TIP: don’t be afraid to measure the product you need to store. Get a container that fits the product. Also, make sure you measure your drawer to make sure the drawer organizers will fit.


5. Use baskets 

To store items on the inside of vanity doors, use baskets. These are handy to keep big and bulky items like big hair brushes , curling irons and hairdryers. Bulky items can be difficult to store in the clear bins because of their awkward size and they can require a lot of space; by keeping them behind the door, you can gain space in your cupboard for other things.


6.Use a towel rack and hooks

Towels can be re-used over 3-5 days if you hang them up to dry. Keep wet towels off the floor by giving each family member a designated hook for their towel. Try to keep extra towels for guests in another area so that you aren’t taking up valuable space in the bathroom.

Tip: hooks aren’t just for towels; get creative! Check out the picture below for ideas on what you can remove from drawers and closets and hang for even more storage. BUT be careful not to cause clutter by hanging too many items.



7. Medicine Cabinet Organization

The medicine cabinet usually has more than one shelf  that you can adjust in height. Use this to your advantage. Adjust the top shelf to store shorter items like medication and small jars of creams etc. and store taller items on the bottom shelf like lotions and mouthwash.

Tip: buy two tier plastic shelves so you don’t have small items taking up all that space on the bottom shelf -double up smaller items so you’re utilizing every inch of space.


Now that you’ve decluttered and organized your bathroom space, here are some tips to follow so you’re not spending more than 20 minutes organizing your bathroom in the future:

  • When you go shopping, make a list of the products you need to purchase- and stick to that list. Try not to go overboard when purchasing items because the more you have the more there is to organize, and the more likely you will have clutter.
  • Clean and tidy up your bathroom at least once a week.
  • Declutter your bathroom- including disposing of unused and expired products- at least once a month.
  • Don’t buy multiples of items (buy 2 packages of toilet paper because they are on sale), unless you have the space to store them.

Let us know if any of the above tips helped you better organize your bathroom!


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