The Christmas season is fun and exciting especially when you are spending time with family and friends. However, getting ready for Christmas can be stressful and time consuming. Here are 7 easy to follow tips to an Organized Christmas to save you time, and help you be organized and enjoy a peaceful holiday!

1. Make room

It’s a good idea to make room for the new items that will come in to your home. Your children will be receive Christmas presents, so take time now to go through their current collection of toys. If there are items that they no longer play with or have outgrown, now is a good time to donate or sell these items.

2. Schedule important dates

Open your calendar and schedule important tasks and activities. For example – What day would you like to have all your Christmas shopping done by or bake your cookies for the cookie exchange? Start your shopping early. Schedule in all of your dinner parties and family activities that you will be attending. Check your calendar each week and pick up any items that you need for the week or for the following week.

3. Wrap your presents as soon as you get them

Wrapping right away will help prevent little ones from seeing their gifts and also saves you from doing last minute wrapping on Christmas Eve.

4. Organize your home

Declutter and organize your home so that you feel relaxed and calm for the holidays. Do 30 mins a day and focus on completing smaller tasks each day rather than stressing about the whole house. If you don’t have time to get it all organized, you can contact us to help!

5. Prepare your Christmas cards

Go through your cards to make sure you have enough. Review your mailing list and make sure all the addresses are up to date. Mail the cards out at least a couple weeks before Christmas to ensure they arrive on time.

6. Stock up on batteries

Many toys, hand held video games, and other presents will require batteries. Stock up now and you will be ready for Christmas morning.

7. Be prepared for the unexpected

Stock up on small gifts for those days when you need one unexpectedly (example: last minute dinner invitation and you need a hostess gift). It will save you from having to run out at the last minute to get one. Go ahead and wrap them and have them ready to go. Examples of quick and simple gifts: chocolates, candles, bottle of wine, glass charms/markers etc. For additional hostess gift ideas check out this post from Good Housekeeping.

Once you are all organized for the holidays, relax and enjoy your time with family and friends.

I would love to hear which tip was your favourite, and if you have additional tips to share, please post them. I would love to hear your ideas too!

Happy Holidays,



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