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11 Best Time Management Tips for Students

Summer is flying by and before you know it, students will be heading back to school. A few years ago, I was an instructor at a local college and I also held Time Management workshops for first year students. Having strong time management skills can reduce stress and enhance students’ grades. Here are my 11 best time management tips for students, all of which can be used by high school, college or university students.

1. Use a calendar – The type of calendar depends on what you feel the most comfortable using. Some students prefer to use electronic ones, while others use the paper based ones. It doesn’t matter as The best ones to use are weekly ones that have lots of room to make notes.

2. Plan Early – Write down your due dates of your assignments and tests right away. Make Friday your plan your week day. Yup, at the end of the week, plan the following week days using blocks of time for each task leaving room for last minute assignments and other items that might come up. Write down non-academic things too like when you are going to do your laundry, get groceries etc.

3. Create daily to-do lists – Weekly planning is important but daily to-do lists are equally important. Each night plan for you next day. If you have items already on your calendar, just start scheduling other tasks around those items.

4. Don’t procrastinate – Start your assignments, reading material and any other school work right away and try not to leave it to the last minute. Something always tends to come up which could cause you not to be able to finish your work on time, and who wants to be stressed at the last minute?

5. Prior to Class – Before each class, review your notes and reading material. Highlight key points.

6. After Class – After each class, review your notes and write down any questions you may have. If you don’t find the answer to the questions, be sure to ask your instructor.

7. Breakdown big projects into smaller ones – Create due dates for each small part allowing for extra time in case one part takes longer than expected.

8. Form a study group – Schedule time to meet with colleagues and discuss your class lectures, assignments, labs, exams etc. Having a study group is a great way to meet new people, develop friendships, have a support system, and great for studying!

9. Don’t let part-time employment take over your school work – As an instructor I used to see students in this dilemma often, and I although I did understand, it was very hard for the students. If it is possible, try not to take on too many shifts at work if it means it will impact your academic grades and also cause you a lot of stress. In other words, only takes those extra shifts if you really need them.

10. Use your time wisely – There will be lots of time when you will be waiting in line-ups, waiting for your teacher or professor to arrive, waiting for a bus, sitting on a bus, waiting for your next class. Use this time to do your reading or other work that can be done.

11. Save time for family and friends – It is important to have social time. The key is to learn how to balance social time with academic time. Too much social time can lead to poor academic grades and not enough can lead to stress and loneliness. Balance it right and be sure to schedule time in for the important people in your life!

I wish all you students the best of luck with your studies. Reach for your goals and your dreams and you will do great!

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