10 Steps to an Organized Kitchen

There is nothing better than cooking and having family and friend gatherings in an organized kitchen. Organizing kitchens is actually quite time consuming so if you don’t have a day dedicated to getting your kitchen organized, then focus on one area of your kitchen first and get it organized, for example your food pantry. When the pantry is done, you can focus on another area of the kitchen.

1. Start with organizing your pantry and/or food cupboards.

Take everything out and wipe down the shelves.

2. Sort and put like items together.

baking supplies, snacks. breakfast items, pasta etc.

3. Check for expired food.

If you come across foods that are expired, throw them out. I know some of our clients don’t mind keeping certain items that have expired, however, I personally don’t keep them. That is really up to you.

4. Use containers and don’t forget to label them!

Remove loose items from boxes and throw away the boxes. Boxes take up a lot of space in kitchen cupboards and pantries, so take everything out of the boxes and put in containers. Ex. Granola bars and snacks. Then don’t forget to label the containers so it is easy for everyone in the family to know where to find what they are looking for.

5. Use see through glass jars for dry goods such as beans, lentils, oats etc.

Don’t forget to label them as well!

6. Use Turn Tables.

I love rotating trays for items such as oils, sauces, spices etc.

7. Take everything out of the remaining drawers and cupboards and wipe them down.

Sort like items together and let go of anything you no longer need. Let go of duplicates, items you don’t use, items that are cracked or broken.

8. Use drawer organizers.

Drawer organizers are super handy for organizing utensils and random items such as pens, scissors etc.

9. Clear off counter tops and only leave a few items that you use daily.

Keeping your counters clear and clean daily is key to having an organized kitchen.

10. Clean out the refrigerator.

Take everything out of the fridge and wash it down. Throw out any food that is wasted. Best practice is to throw out wasted food on garbage day that way wasted food will not pile up and take up space in your refrigerator. Use clear containers to keep like items together such as ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise.

**The best tip I can give you is to keep your kitchen clutter-free and organized on a regular basis. You will feel so much better and less stressed when you walk into your nice and organized kitchen! 


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