1.Brother PTH110 Easy, Portable Label Maker– The first of the organizing products I recommend are label makers. A good amount of clutter comes from items that don’t have a home. Labelling a container that houses the item tells everyone in the home where that item belongs. Once labelled, it not only has a better chance of finding its way back but also makes it easier to remember where you’ve put it in the first place. Pro Tip: You could also use the label maker to label wires in your home entertainment unit.


2.Label Maker This particular label maker uses Bluetooth technology. You will need to download the ap and you type up the labels on your phone or tablet. It is really easy to use. 




3.Plastic Drawer Organizers (Available in various sizes)– These drawer organizers can help you organize everything from your makeup to the utensils in your kitchen. Longer containers can house spatulas or whisks, and shorter ones can accommodate knives, forks and spoons. Need help with all your makeup and toiletries? Use smaller, more versatile containers to house your makeup brushes or sponges. But don’t stop there; use these containers to store office supplies like pens, staples and post-it pads. Here is a link to iDesign plastic drawer containers that you can use for your organization project. You can also find items similar to these at the Dollar Store, but they are less durable and tend to crack, but an excellent option for a more budget-friendly project.


4.Clear Plastic Vanity Makeup Organizer A must-have for anyone who has had their foundation leak or their eye shadow crumble in their makeup bag. Not only are your cosmetic items more easily accessible with an organizer, but it allows you to store your makeup upright, so no more accidents! But this isn’t only for makeup; you can use it to store your nail polish and nail accessories or use it for your creams or even office supplies.


5.Non-Skid 3 Tier Spice Pantry kitchen cabinet organizer– Want to create more space in your kitchen? Add this 3-tier organizer in your kitchen cabinets and store items like spices, oils and canned goods. But you could also use this non-stick organizer for other things like essential oils, perfumes, creams etc. 


6.Non-Skid Storage Turntable (perfect for storing cleaning supplies, shampoos/conditioner, cooking oils, spices, condiments etc.) A fantastic remedy for those hard-to-reach places like the top of a tall cupboard. Instead of reaching for the back of the cupboard, you can turn the caddy to find your item.




7.Twenty-four piece- 6 size mesh file bags – These mesh bags can be used for holding items in a car emergency kit, as a makeup bag or a passport holder. They can protect important documents or store lighters or matches and cards for card games when camping.


8.OXO Good Grips Airtight Pop Containers  These airtight pop containers are perfect for those on-the-go snacks and cookies, coffee pods, dog treats, storing flour, sugar, lentils, cereal and so much more. The Oxo containers come in various sizes so be sure to check the measurements. This container seals in freshness and has a pop-up handle for better grip when opening.


9.Clear Stack and Pull Box: The best thing about these boxes is that they are see-through, which means no more guessing what’s in the box, and no more pulling down three boxes to see what’s in the bottom one. Imagine the time you’ll save? These stackable boxes can also be used for storing pet supplies, cleaning supplies, laundry supplies, medications, etc. Make sure you get stackable boxes with secure latches like these from Amazon.



10.Large Hooks:  The final of organizing products that I recommend are these large hooks that get things off the floor and onto a wall or door. Use them for a towel after a shower or a loofah sponge, or use them to hang your housecoat on the back of your bathroom door. The Command brand has various size hooks but my favorite is the large ones. They are larger and stronger than the smaller ones. 


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