Being well organized takes lots of time and effort and there is a lot to remember. Below are 10 great tips to help you to remember it all:

1. Jot it down.

With the many details that you have to remember in any given day, why should you try to keep it all in a memory bank? At the very moment that you remember
something needs to be done, the very best thing to do is write it down. Then, just as you need to recall it, it will be there for you in an instant.

2. Keep it all in one place.

Once you have developed the knack of writing everything down, your next step will be to keep your writing all in one place. You will remember better this way. Otherwise, you are going to spend valuable time searching for your notes.

3. Use a task manager application.

If you are more of a digital person, than a paper person, use a project app like Monday or Trello. Actually, there are many kinds of task manager applications, so do your research and find one that is best for you.

4. Text yourself.

If you are out and about and think about something that you would like to tackle, then text yourself what it is so you don’t forget. When you get home, write down the task on the list of your tasks that you have already created. However, if you are using a digital app then you can put it in your app instead of texting yourself.

5. Be confident in yourself.

If you keep saying you have a bad memory, you will probably continue to have a bad memory. It is important to have a motivated, I CAN
remember attitude.

6. Stay healthy.

A keen memory is a well-nourished mind. Eat healthy; get plenty of rest and lots of good exercise. These will all see you through to having a good memory,
staying focused and being alert.

7. Use email reminders.

There are many good e-mail reminder services available. You can type in what you want to remember, such as a project that is due or an anniversary, and you will receive an e-mail reminder when the date is approaching. This is a terrific way to jog your memory. Some e-mail reminder services are free while others have a charge.

8. Handy dandy sticky notes.

Those wonderful, little sticky notes are the best thing ever! They are amazing as memory helpers. Want to remember something prior to
leaving your home? Just mark it down on a Post-It Note and stick it to the inside of your door. The bright, neon colors will be great to catch your eye as you are leaving. You will
not likely miss it! Need to make an urgent call first thing in the morning? Leave a Post-It Note on your cell phone or paper planner.

9. Use timers and alarms.

Take advantage of your cell phone timer or use a hand held timer throughout your day. Have to start your laundry at a certain time? Use a timer to remind you. Want to work on a task for an hour? Set your timer and don’t stop until the timer has gone off.

10. Visual memory joggers.

This is similar to sticky notes, but you can use other types of visual reminders that will help you remember and stay focused. Use visual reminders for remembering your goals. If your goal is to take a trip to Paris in a few years, keep a photo of Paris on your night stand. If your goal is to lose 20 lbs. in six months, find a picture or a motivational quote that will help remind you of this goal each day.

Hope these tips can help you stay focused and on task throughout your day.



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